Personal Residence
Frisco, Texas
The concise statement of, "We have seen your designs, and we now see we need a change!" marked the onset of our collaboration with this client, as expressed during our initial conversation. Their existing home exuded tradition, characterized by a consistent color palette and uniform rugs across various rooms in differing sizes. Despite the safety found in familiarity, they entrusted me with the task of reshaping their living space to unveil the true energy flow in home design. The envisioned transformation aimed for a vibrant yet soothing atmosphere, ideal for hosting dinners, movie nights, and engaging conversations with friends. The desire for ample comfort within a luxurious setting materialized successfully, especially with the expansion of the media room, providing additional gathering spaces for both the entire family and these two exceptional clients.
Executing this design posed a challenge, involving the replacement of nearly every surface. The task was to harness the myriad patterns, textures, and the infusion of modern art while maintaining a cohesive and grounded energy. Drawing on our expertise in this design realm, we skillfully navigated the robust color palette, ensuring a harmonious balance.

As the design interpretation unfolded, so did the client's newfound appreciation for art. The incorporation of art fabrics into the design not only added a creative touch but also served as inspiration for the remaining elements of their transformed living space. The outcome surpassed expectations, presenting a home that seamlessly blends vibrant aesthetics with comfort, making it an inviting haven for both the family and their guests.
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