Personal Residence
Castle Hills, Texas
For more than 15 years, our enduring relationship with this client and their family has been a testament to the longevity of our design collaboration. It all began with the inception of their current home, where we embarked on the journey of crafting their Family Dream Home designed to stand the test of time. As the family expanded and the interiors gracefully bore the marks of familial warmth, we systematically upgraded various wings of the residence over the years. The time had come for a revitalization starting with their Bedroom and Bath, followed by the Living Spaces. The overarching goal was to infuse a fresh, comfortable luxury into their rooms—embracing clean lines and superior comfort, departing slightly from traditional aesthetics.

Their vision for the Bedroom Spaces retained a sense of tradition while incorporating modern textures and a clean aesthetic to create a calming oasis. The essence of relaxation permeated every aspect of the design, making it truly special. Finally, after years of incremental upgrades, they now possessed the bedroom of their dreams, filled with cherished family memories, uniquely theirs.
The primary challenge lay in devising a creative design plan that seamlessly integrated the multitude of wonderful elements available in the present, compared to the initial project in 2005. Through a carefully crafted strategic plan, we navigated the options and honed in on a few primary elements that resonated with their current tastes and preferences.

In the realm of the Bedroom and Bath, our focus shifted towards the harmonious blend of Earth and Water elements. We meticulously balanced various textures to create a smooth and harmonious atmosphere, akin to the experience of listening to great music. Glass tiles and shimmering finishes were artfully incorporated, paying homage to the tradition of their home—a deliberate choice to retain cherished memories while embracing the contemporary updates.
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