Personal Residence
Cottonwood Valley, Texas
The client embarked on a journey to transform his life by seeking a new home. Although he possessed a clear creative vision for his living space, he recognized the need for professional expertise to bring about the high-level execution he desired. As a busy medical professional, he lacked the time to oversee every aspect of the project. The comprehensive renovation included custom designs for the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and furnishings, aiming to fulfill his desire for everyday comfort and luxury. Our team successfully executed the project both inside and outside, ensuring a seamless realization of his vision.
A distinctive feature of the home was the client's extensive art collection, which I discovered during a thorough investigation of his storage space. Spanning two decades, the collection showcased a diverse array of artworks, including pieces by Motherwell, Francis, Lebowitz, and numerous sculptures and art from early Sante Fe, NM. The client extended an invitation to restore and reframe the entire collection, further enhancing it with additional pieces for a truly mesmerizing outcome.

Despite facing the common challenge of slight delays in the remodeling process, our team implemented a strategic approach to keep the client satisfied. Rising above the challenges, we achieved a brilliant finish to the project. The renovation commenced with the installation of a unique bamboo floor and soft modern finishes, creating a sophisticated and modern ambiance inspired by the various cities the client had explored. This thoughtful infusion of elements from each city added a personalized touch, reflecting the client's diverse travel experiences and creating a truly unique and comfortable living space.
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