Personal Residence
Southlake, Texas
The overarching goal was to craft a luxurious European kitchen adorned with unique elements seldom witnessed. The project involved a comprehensive update to their 2003 kitchen and living spaces, fostering a continued sense of togetherness for the family through shared cooking, dining, and moments of enjoyment. For this close-knit family, these elements held paramount importance.

The distinctive aspects of the project went beyond the physical space, delving into the realm of meaningful conversations. Discussions centered around existing memories and those they aspired to create, guiding the selection of architectural details that resonated deeply with their experiences and aspirations. These details served as catalysts, igniting fond memories and inspiring plans for future shared moments.
While the kitchen's added intricacies posed challenges for our team, they proved instrumental in elevating the space to its present state. The incorporation of unique stone materials and other carefully chosen elements set this kitchen apart from any other. The design's subtlety emerged as its greatest strength, echoing the family's rich Italian history – a testament that one doesn't need to be loud to make a profound impact. The result is a kitchen that not only meets the highest standards of luxury but also stands as a reflection of the family's unique journey and shared heritage. We found the most unique stone materials and other elements to create this kitchen like none other. The subtlety of this design makes it even stronger, as their rich Italian History shows, you don't have to be loud to be heard.
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